Brighton Way

The Brighton Way is a 54 mile path that runs from Horley to Brighton.  Invented by a commuter who had looked out of the train window for years but never walked in the countryside, each section of the walk starts and ends at a railway station.  A guide book is available from Amazon but the maps (and spelling) are a bit idiosyncratic and you’ll need an OS map; the Brighton Way is not separately marked on OS maps, however.

The walk takes you through some delightful countryside but there is also a lot of (interesting) walking through the edges of towns.  There are good opportunities for visiting churches, windmills and other places of interest, and because each walk starts and ends at a station, food and drink are available at least twice during each walk.

The walks are mainly low-level with a brisk climb through the South Downs during the last two sections. Some of the Low Weald sections are very muddy and you’ll want boots for these.  Most of the sections are six or seven miles long, and can be combined into longer walks very easily.  I walked this path over 7 days between May 2013 and April 2014.

1: Horley to Three Bridges

2: Three Bridges to Balcombe

3: Balcombe to Haywards Heath

4: Haywards Heath to Wivelsfield

5: Wivelsfield to Hassocks

6: Hassocks to Falmer

7: Falmer to Brighton


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